2bshvat & Rosh-pinna…

GOAL: So… the goal is that the Chanichim will understand how deep is the connection between Am-Yisrael and Eretz-Yisrael and how trees are helping that connection and making it stronger. The city that we are going to talk about is called Rosh-Pinna- One of the best examples for people who got connected to their land through trees.

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Capital Jerusalem

Ben Gurión y otros líderes sugieren transformar a la parte israelí de Jerusalén en la capital del Estado y a fin de conocer la posición del pueblo al respecto han decidido realizar una asamblea de representantes de diferentes posiciones...

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Declaration Of Independence

מטרה: לבחון את המשמעויות השונות של המושג "עצמאות", תוך השמת דגש בעצמאות לאומית.

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Presentation Israel Look In

מצגת תמונות יפות מארץ ישראל

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