this peulah we start with the most basic of topics-friendship and how we relate

to others. Though it is the most basic, however, this topic is still among the

most important in the lives of Jews of all ages. As Rabbi Akiva said, “V’Ahavta

L’Reiacha Kamocha-Hu Klal Gadol BaTorah”. By instilling the value of proper

friendship and mitzvot bein adam l’chaveiro in our chanichim we are giving them one of the most important gifts they

will ever receive.


To learn what it

means to be a good friend. To present the idea of a chevrah and its importance

and to instill the value of treating every person as we would like to be


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Short Article
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Jodendom & Dieren

Dit is een groot deel van de Chomer van het zomermachanee van Bne Akiva Nederland uit het jaar 2007. Het onderwerp van het chomer is Jodendom en heo we met dieren moeten omgaan.

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Yerushalayim- The History Of The City

Teach the History of


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