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Resource Goal

Goal: To teach the chanichim about Rav Kook and why he is so great to be the Rebbe of Bnei Akiva

Required Props & Materials

Materials: each corner with a different response (see below)

Resource Contents

Give the chanichim the following dilemma that the Rav Kook had:

The Rav was on a Masa Tshuva throughout out the Shomron and the Galil, together with some of the greatest rabbis in Eretz Yisrael. At a meeting in one of the settlements, a young man got into a loud argument with the Rav, and said: Me- I have nothing to do with all of these ideas that you are preaching about, I am far away from religion, I have no interest with these so-called holy values of Judaism.

How will the Rav react this young man?

Place 4 different answers in 4 corners of the room:

1. It is annoying and painful to hear such disrespect for religion. The Rav should have turned his back on the young man, and ignore him.

2. There is no point to try and convince this young man, because he has shut down, and wont listen to reason.

3. Rav kook should get angry with the young man, and should give him a big mussar speech because of the things he said.

4. The Rav should try and reason with the young man calmly, and gently explain the good and beauty in Torah and Mitzvot

Ask the chanichim to walk over to the reaction that they would have done.

Have each group talk for a few minutes and then explain to the rest of the chanichim why the reaction they chose is the best way to deal with the situation.

Tell the chanichim the Rav Kooks reaction:

The Rav didnt react, he let it pass. But later on he mentioned in a friendly by the way conversation that a very rich British officer is interested in buying land to build a big marketplace on. The area he has in mind is Har HaBayit, the temple mount. This area has no sentimental value to the British government, and so the marketplace will be built.

Upon hearing these words the young man jumped up and exclaimed: I will run through that swine with a sword!!!

To this outburst the Rav replied: you see my son, you are not as far away from religion as you think yourself to be. The jewish spark glows within you, and I take upon myself to turn that spark into a great flame!

Points for discussion:

*Which of the reactions we discussed earlier does the Rav Kook use?

*How is that one different from the one you chose?

*Why do you think Rav Kook reacted the way he did?

*** Rav Kook had a special trait, he was always able to find the good in every person. He found the spark hidden in every jew.

This is why Bnei Akiva found it appropriate to name the shevet after the Rav Kook. Bnei Akiva puts a dagesh on accepting every jew and not being superior to anyone.

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