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Bnei Akiva Sites World Bnei Akivas website, with directory of Bnei Akiva and camp websites, Hadracha section in English, Divrei Torah, Bnei Akiva mall (to buy pins and tilboshot) and more. Bnei Akiva of the US and Canadas website, with contact information for the National Lishka, and soon, beh, lots of amazing stuff and a new lookkeep your eyes out! Website of Bnei Akiva Cleveland (duh!)- with many many peulot, other resources, and pictures of smalim Lots of fun Bnei Akiva images, courtesy of Bnei Akiva of Toronto. You can find peulot from BA of TO at Bnei Akiva Israels website- zillions of amazing and detailed peulot, all in Hebrew! For peulot, go to Lamadrichim and then to Maarchei Pielut Also has history of the Tnua in Israel, and is a good place to look for peulot on the new shevet names. Bnei Akiva of the UKs hadracha website, with peulot in pdf format.

Bnei Akiva Surprises! Bnei Akivas best kept Web secret! Go to this link to find the most popular and useful Bnei Akiva publication ever- Rabbi Matankys legendary Shabbat Games book, with a table of contents that lets you click and zip to the game you want to see!! An invaluable hadracha tool! A Bnei Akiva secret! These are peulot hidden on the web from an old version of the National Bnei Akiva website. Dont let this site fall into the wrong hands!!

Peula Resources: Kollel Torah Mitzion website has many divrei Torah and divrei Halacha from Kollelim all over, and links to other useful sites. Fun kids games, stories and puzzles on the chagim. Hebrew site of many articles on various topics written from the Religious Zionist (Kippa Sruga) perspective. The Kibbutz Holiday Institute Chagim with an Israeli Flavor website- information and games on chagim from a Zionist perspective The Jam-Packed Bible Online, with interesting and current programming ideas and sources- good resource for ideas for peulot and especially sichot. site with the all of Tanach in Hebrew and English, with side by side translation, and all of the Mishneh Torah, Mishna, Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi, and Tosefta in Hebrew. An amazing resource for preparing source sheets and shiurim- text can be cut and pasted into a Word document. The Jewish Virtual Library website, a project of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. Great when youre looking for background information on Jewish History and Zionism. Also has the entire Myths & Facts- A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict, an indispensable resource for hasbara. World Union of Jewish Students website- has lots and lots of icebreakers, stories, games, leadership activities and more. The Jewish Agency for Israels educational resources website- tons of ideas, peulot and background material on Zionist topics. Take the time to check it out thoroughly. Stories of Reb Shlomo Carlebach. Stories, stories and more stories! Fairytales by Sheldon Oberman

Random Stuff: If youre looking for logic puzzles, riddles and brainteasers for a peula- heres the place to go! fun improv games to spice up onegs and any other time. Cooperative games site- games with no losers. Spice up your fliers and publicity with free fonts for downloading. Get 250 free personalized business cards (only costs shipping) for your galil. Cool.

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