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Time Management worst practices

o Using your memory to keep track of things-

1) It leads to feelings of anxiety and overwhelming well before you reach your real limit.

2) You might forget important projects, tasks, or commitments.

3) It is difficult to plan things solely in your head

4) You waste time recalling previous decisions and plans

o Perfectionism - because it steals your time and energy working on things that dont give you a good return on your investments

o Poor planning, or no planning

1) Lack of risk management.

2) Lack of preparation.

3) No way to really evaluate success or failure.

o Management by crisis - allowing unexpected events, interruptions, problems, or emergencies to dictate your priorities and actions

o Wishful thinking Believing it will be O.K, a great success even if there is no evidence to that - The best way to counteract wishful thinking is through careful planning and preparation.

o Drifting into trivia -If you find yourself routinely working on unimportant things, you may be drifting into trivia more often than you think. The hardest part about this worst practice is realizing that you are doing it

o Attempting too much one way to deal with it, other then saying I cant dont micromanage DELAGATE.

o Piles of paper - A common practice for handling paperwork and notes is to just put them at the top of the closest pile!

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