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The calling of the Walrus

Long ago, in a place far away, there once lived a walrus.

One day the walrus decided to collect all of his fortune (nine gold pieces total) and go find his calling in life.

Not long after he began his trip he came a cross an eel.

The eel asked him: where are you going?

The walrus responded: I am searching for my calling in life.

The eel said back to the walrus for five gold pieces Ill sell you a fin which will double your speed.

The walrus was obviously very excited, paid the five gold pieces and continued on his way, only now twice as fast.

Soon thereafter, the walrus bumped into a starfish.

The starfish asked the walrus where are you off to in such a hurry?

The walrus responded I am searching for my calling in life.

The starfish said that is indeed a very important thing to do. Let me help you, for three gold pieces Ill sell you a jet- ski so you can go even faster.

Excitedly the walrus paid, took the jet- ski and continued in a feverish pace faster than ever.

And than came the shark. He said to the walrus where are you off to?

The walrus responded I am searching for my calling.

The shark said tell you what for one gold piece Ill tell you a shortcut. You just go between my teeth and you get there.

The walrus all excited paid up his last gold piece and jumped into the sharks mouth, only to end up in his bowels.

The moral is

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