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Simcha Raba Simcha Raba

Aviv hegeea Pesach Ba

Simcha Raba Simcha Raba

Aviv Hegeea Pesach Ba

Taferu, taferu, taferu lee

Beged eem kisim

Mileu, mileu, mileu

Kisay BEgozeem

Simcha Raba .

Shaol, Eshal, Shaol Eshal

Arbah Koosheeyot

Shato, Eshte, Shato Eshte

Arbah Kosot

Simcha Raba

From slavery to freedom

Avadeem Hayeenu, Hayeenu

Ata Benei Choree

Beni Chorin

Avadeem Hayeenu

Ata, Ata Beni Chorin Beni Chorin


Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Magid, Rachtzah, Motzhi Matza, Maror Korech, Shulchan Orech, Tzafoon Barech, Halel Nirtzah.

Ma Nishtana Halayla Haze Mikol Halaylot? Mikol Haleilot?

Shebechol halaylot anu ochlin Chametz umatzah;

Halayla Hazeh , Halayla hazeh kulo Matzah.

Sebechol halaylot anu ochlin shear yerakot? Shear yerakot?

Halayla hazeh, halayla hazeh Maror Maror

Sebechol Halaylot ein anu matbilin afilu paam achat, afilu paam achat?

Halayla hazeh, halayla hazeh shtei feamim.

Shebechol Halaylot anu ochlin bein yoshvin ubein mesubin?

Halayla hazeh, Halayla Hazeh kulanu mesubin.


Echad mee yodea?

Echad anee yodea

Echad elokeynu shebashamayeem.

Shnayeem mee yodea?

Shnayeem ani yodea

Shney luchot habrit

Echad Elokeinu

Elokeinu Elokeinu

Elokeinu Elokeinu

She bashamayeem ubaaretz.

Eleeyahu hanavee

Eyleeyahu Ha navee

Eyleeyahu Hatishbi

Bimerah Yavo Eileinu

Eeem Moshiach Ben David

Leshanah Habaah Biyerushalim

Leshana Habaah Biyerushalim Habenuya

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