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Resource Goal

The goal:

Each day we find people that dont care enough about things around them.

Your Chanichim will understand, that we have to learn to take care about the people around us, and to think about them sometimes, like we want them to think about us. If we want a healthy and good society, we have to work on our Midot! .

We need to pay attention not only for our selfs, and family. We need to pay attention also for people that we dont know, and to take care for them, too.

The Chanichim will understand, that to take care isnt only in the big things, it is also in the little things, during the day, and we need to get use to this idea.

Resource Contents

The steps:

Ask each of your Chanichim, to take something from his own (Watch, shoe.) and to put it inside the circle, on the floor.

You will start to tell a story, it doesnt matter which story, and while you are telling the story, you will walk between the things on the floor.

While you are telling the story, you will hear things like: be careful on my watch! .

Dont pay attention to their yelling. You will pay attention, that no-one is listening to your story, because they are looking for their stuff.

After you finished your story, ask one of your Chanichim, to repeat the story for every-one. You will see, that he doesnt remember anything.

Divide your Chanichim to two groups.

The first group will give numbers from 1-10 to the things that important to do, when 1, is not important, and 10, is the important things to do.

The second group will decide to whom they would help if they won on 1,000,000$ .

The sentences for the first group:

  • To tide-up my room
  • Clean the street, from garbage.
  • To visit a sick friend.
  • To visit old people in the hospital.
  • To help someone with his heavy bags.
  • Help my mother clean the house.
  • Help my friend to study for a big test.
  • Volunteering with children in risk.
  • To give Tzdaka every-day.
  • To listen to my little sister, when she has problems in school, or life.

To which people you will help, if you have won in 1,000,000$ ?

*A friend that need to do a surgery.

*A cousin that dont have a house.

* To a place that helping to children with risk.

* For people that sick in cancer.

* For opening a big library in your area.

* For your father, that needs to go to the dentist.

You can discuss with your Chanichim about their choices, and each group, can give her opinion about the other group choices.

Read with your Chanichim the article about the case that happened in New-York:

This case, happened in New-York, at Queens, to Kate jenobaj. Kate, came back at 3:20 in the morning, from her work at the bar. She parked her red Fiat near her house, and walked to her house.

Suddenly, a man jumped from the corner. He jumped on Kate, and tried to kill her with his knife.

Kate yelled for help, and some lights in the houses around her turned on. Kate fought with the man, and she ran to the closest corner she found. There were some neighbors that saw her, and heard her yelling Im dead! , Im dead! .

After a couple of seconds, Kate was laying on the road.

38- neighbors saw and heard her yellings for a half an hour.

News reports, that interviewed the neighbors, said, that no-one picked his phone to call the police or the ambulance.

No-one of them did something to help Kate. One phone call could save her life .

Does this story sound familiar?

Does it sounds very far from you?

Maybe it is. But the point is, that we can save people, if we will open our eyes, to the things that going around us. It starts from the little things, that we do every-day, and continuing to the big things that can happen.

The conclusion:

In the first game, everyone put his or her things in the middle, and no-one paid any attention for the story. Did any Chanich paid attention for his friends watch that was on the floor, or only for his shoe?

We saw, that each group decided something else about her helping. Each one can choose of course for whom he wants to help.

We read the sad story about Kate, and the option, that things like that are still happening all over the world.

If we dont want that this story will happen again, and if we dont want that things like that will be able to happen in our area, and city, we have to understand, that we need to open our Care Circles .

We have our Circle, our family, and friends. But around all of these circles, there are more circles.

The society circle.

The things sound far? Maybe.

But they all start from the little things.

All you need, is to start taking care for more people around you.

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Good for Shabbat and 3rd-6th graders

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