Tanach Queestions - חידון תנ"ך- שמואל א' ושמואל ב'

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Age: 13-15
Group Size: 30-100
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
חידון התנ"ך
על ספר שמואל א' ועשרה פרקים ראשונים של שמואל ב'

Required Props & Materials
חידון התנ"ך
על ספר שמואל א' ועשרה פרקים ראשונים של שמואל ב'
מהלך החידון:
שלב 1- שאלות למשתתפים- 4 נקודות כל שאלה.
שלב 2- הורים של המשתתפים צולמו בוידאו שואלים את השאלות.
שלב 3- שאלות בכתב, כל משתתף עונה לעצמו.
שלב 4- וידאו ממקומות בארץ בהם התרחשו הארועים.
שלב 5- במידה ויש שוויון יש שלב שובר שוויון, שאלות עד שמישהו נופל.
סיכום הנקודות והכרזת המנצח.
מצורף בסוף- תעודות הוקרה על השתתפות וזכייה.

Resource Contents
Tanach Bowl- questions
Stage 1- 4 points each question
1.     Who were the two sons of Eli?
2.    When Eli saw Hana davening, what did he think of her and why?
3.    When Hashem called out to Shmuel, who did Shmuel think was calling him?
4.  What happened to Eli when he heard that the Aron was captured and that his 2 sons had died?
5.    For how long did the Plishtim have the Aron?
6.  Who ate forbidden honey?
7.    What did the Jews ask Shmuel for?
8.  Why did Shaul come to see Shmuel in the first time?
9.  Which person was Shaul supposed to kill but he did not?
10.    Why did Yishai send David to the battle zone?
11.      Why were the people of Nov killed?
12.     Who was the wife of Naval?
13.     How did Shaul die?
14.    What did David do to the person who claimed to have killed Shaul?
15.    Where was the Mishkan before they built the Beit                                                              Hamikdash?
16.    Why did Hashem kill Uza?
17.     Whom did David ask if he (David) could build the Temple?
18.   With what did David hit Goliath?
Stage 1- Answers
1.     Chofni and Pinchas
2.    He thought she was drunk since she was moving her lips yet no voice was heard
3.    Eli
4.  He fell backwards and died
5.    7 months
6.  Yonatan
7.    A king
8.  He couldn’t find his father’s donkeys
9.  Agag
10.      To give food to David’s brothers and their    commander
11.        They helped David
12.       Avigayil
13.       He killed himself
14.      He killed him
15.       Shilo. 
16.      He touched the Aron to try to stop it from falling.
          17.  Natan the Prophet
18. A stone.
Stage 2 (parents) – 12 points each question
1. Eli and Shmuel had sons that did not follow their ways.
    What did Eli’s sons do wrong?
    Where did Shmuel’s sons rule? (Finkelstein) 
2. Shmuel told Shaul to wait for him before the war against    Plishtim.
     How many days did he tell him to wait?
     What was Shaul’s punishment for not waiting?   (Samberg)
3. Who gave Ziklag to David?
    What did the Amalkite slave tell David about Ziklag? (Avi Bosin)
4. Who are Gad and Nathan?
     What did gad tell David?
     What did Natan tell David? (Isenberg)
5. Name two people who compared themselves to dogs.
    Who are they?
    Why did David pretend to be a “madman”? (Klein)
6. Why did Yoav kill Avner?
     What did David do as a result of Avner’s death? (Batia Bosin)
7. Who was a fast runner? Who was crippled?
    What did David do as a favor to Shaul’s grandson? (Shaya)
8.What was the reward to whoever kills Goliath?
     Who later on gave David Goliath’s sword? (Stein)
9. Why did the Jews want a king?
    Shmuel warned them that a king is not a good idea.                   What did he warn them that a king could do? (Shlomo Bosin)
Stage 2 (parents) - Answers
1.a. Eli’s sons stole meat from the Korban. שמואל א' פרק ב'
    b. Beer Sheva. שמואל א' פרק ח'
2. a. Seven שמואל א' פרק י"ג
    b. That his kingship will end. שמואל א' פרק י"ג 
3. a. Achish king of Gat. שמואל א' פרק כ"ז
    b. That the Amalekites raided and burned צקלג. שמואל א' פרק ל'
4. a. Prophets.
     b. Gad told him to go to the territory of Yehuda.                                     שמואל א' פרק כ"ב      
          Natan told him that he is not going to build the temple.  שמואל ב' פרק ז' (Izenberg)
5. a. David, Mefiboshet and Goliath
     b. To save himself from Achish king of Gat. שמואל א' פרק כ"א
6. a. Revenge for killing Asael. שמואל ב' פרק ג'
    b. David mourned (told everybody to rip heir cloths and cry, he didn’t eat until night) שמואל ב' פרק ג'
7. a. Asael, Mefiboshet
     b. David gave Mefiboshet land and to eat from the king’s table. שמואל ב' פרק ט'
8. a. Money and king Shalu’s daughter. שמואל א' פרק י"ז
    b. אחימלך from Nov.  
9.a. Main reason: they wanted a king like all the other nations. Also Shmuel had no worthy successors.  שמואל א'
פרק ח'
b. The king will take for himself people and property. שמואל א' פרק ח'
Stage 3 (written) - 3 points each question
1. Who told someone to say these words:”speak my lord, your servant is listening” "דבר כי שומע עבדך"))?
2. Why did the Jews bring the Aron to the war against Plishtim?
3. Name 3 sons of David who were born in Hebron.
4. A. How many years was David a king? __________
     B. How many in Hebron? _________________
     C. How many in Jerusalem? ________________
5. Name 3 Plishtim cities._____________________
Stage 3 (written)- answers
1. Eli to Shmuel. שמואל א' פרק ג'
2. Because they thought it would help them win the war. שמואל א' פרק ד'
3. Any three of these: Amnon, Kilaav, Avshalom, Adoniya, Shfatya, Yitraam.
4. a. 40.    
    b. 7.5      
    c. 33
5. Ekron, Ashdod, Gat, Aza, Ashkelon
Stage 4 (videos from Israel)
1. Which enemy wanted the right eye? Who got attacked? How Shaul called the nation?
2. Why did Shaul want to die? Did his servant kill him? What did Plishtim do to his body? Who buried his bones?
3. Why didn’t king David want to bring the holy ark to Jerusalem to begin with? Why did king David later on want the ark in Jerusalem? Someone – Michal - was punished for her action (response) during the time David brought the ark to Jerusalem. Why was it a crime, and what did King David answer her?
4. King David fought against יבוס. Where does this fight take place? Who did King David receive the wood from?
Kind David consecrated several materials from the spoils he captured in his wars. Mention 2 of these materials.
Stage 4 (videos from Israel) - Answers
1. Nachash king of Amon, the people of Yavesh- Gilad,    Shaul sent pieces of cow meat to all the tribes שמואל א' פרק י"א
2. So Plishtim won't be able to torture him שמואל א' פרק ל"א.           The servant didn’t kill him.
 Plishtim hanged him.
The people of Yavesh gilad buried him.
3. Because he was afraid after Uza died in the first attempt to bring the ark.
Later on King David wanted to bring the ark to Jerusalem because of the big blessing that came to the house of Oved for having the ark.
Michal, the daughter of Shaul, was punished for disrespecting and humiliating King david (for dancing in front of the ark). She was punished not to have a child, and King David answered her that it is a great honor and respect to dance in front of the ark…
4. The war against יבוס took place in JERUSALEM. The king of צור – hiram  - חירם – was the one who donated the wood for the house of David.
Materials that King David concecrated – Copper, Gold, Silver
Stage 5 –knockout - 2 points each question
1. a. Who was חנון?
    b. What did he do to King David’s messengers?
    c. Why?
2. a. Where did Yoav and Avner meet for the first time?
    b. What happened there?
3. a. What made Avner join King David after king Shaul’s death?
    b. What did Yoav think about it?
4. a. What message did the Amalekite convert boy pass to King    David?
    b. How did King David react?
5. What law did King David establish after he beat the Amalekites?
6. David had 2 opportunities to get rid of king Shaul but he chose not to hurt him.
   What did he do instead:
     a. In the cave?
     b. In
גבעת החכילה?
7. a. Who was אחימלך?
    b. What happened to him and his city?
    c. Why?
8. In the first time I fell on my face, in the second time my head and hands broke off. Who am I? 
9. Who were the 2 sons of Shmuel?
10. There are 2 incidents when people hid in caves. Who are these people?
11. Oved had the Aron in his house for a time. What happened to Oved as a result?
12. Who is Doeg?
13. The people of Beit- Shemesh were busy with something when the Aron came to their city.
   a. what were they busy with?
        b. why were they punished?
     14. How many times was Shaul inaugurated as king?
Stage 5 –knockout
1. a. king of Amon
    b. he shaved half of their beard and cut half of their    clothing
    c. he thought they were spies
2. a. Near the water in Givon
    b. A fight between Yoav and Avner’s soldiers
3. a. Shaul’s son complained about the king’s wife that Avner married after Shaul’s death
    b. that Avner was really spying on David
4. a. that Shaul has died
     b. mourned (he also killed the messenger 4 claiming that he is the one to kill Shaul)
5. That also the non combat soldiers get a share from the booty
6. a. cut Shaul’s cloak
     b. Took Shaul’s water and spear
7. a. Kohen- Gadol in Nov
    b. They were all killed
    c. Helped David when he was fleeing from king Shaul.
8. Dagon.
9. Yoel and Aviya
      10. David when he runs from Shaul and the Jews in one of the battles against Plishtim
      11. His house was blessed.
      12. a servant of Shaul. Doeg told Shaul about אחימלך that he helped David, and then Doeg ordered to destroy Nov.
     13. a. They were harvesting.
           b. They looked at the Aron (they didn’t behave respectfully)
      14. Three times


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התעודות נמצאות בקובץ המצורף- ממולץ להוסיף סמל של הארגון שמנהל את החידון

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