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Jerusalem quiz 1. King David wanted to build a great Temple for G-d as a permanent resting place for the Ark of the Covenant (Aron Hakodesh). Why, according to Jewish tradition, was David not permitted to build the Temple? And who build it instead of him? David was not permitted to build the Temple because he had been a warrior. The task of building The temple was to fall to a man of peace, Davids son, Solomon. 2. After Solomon died a civil war led to a spilt in the Israelite nation. Jerusalem remained as a part of which tribe? Jerusalem became part of the southern kingdom of Judah, while ten of the northern tribes formed the new kingdom of Israel. 3. What was the event that gave birth to the holiday of Chanukah? The event that gave birth to Chanukah was that Jerusalem was recaptured from the Greeks by the Maccabis and the temple purified. 4. What was Herods most significant project? The most significant of Herods projects was the rebuilding of the Second Temple in the first century B.C.E. 5. What is the difference between the original Temple of King Solomon the Second Temple that Herold built? The original Temple of King Solomon was a relatively small building, Herod doubled the area of the temple mount and surrounded it with four massive retaining walls. 6. The emperor Hadrian made Jerusalem as Roman city and renamed it. What was the new name that he gave for Jerusalem? Aelia Capitolina 7. During which time did Jerusalem become a pagan city that Jew were forbidden to enter? During the time of the Emperor Hadrian. 8. Where did the center of the Jewish life shift after the destruction of the second temple It shifted from Jerusalem to Yavne. 9. As a reward for what did the Muslims give the Jews Jerusalem in the year 638 ? The Jews in Israel assisted the Muslim forces in defeating the Persians 10.The Muslims fended off their rivals until the end of the 11th century. In 1095 Pope Urban II called for Crusades to regain Palestine from the infidels. They succeeded in 1099. Who was the Muslim leader who succeeded in expelling the Crusaders and recaptured for the Muslims? Saladin in 1187 11. Why did the Muslim also revere the holy city? According to Islam the Prophet Mohammad was miraculously transported from Mecca to Jerusalem and it was from there that he made his ascent to heaven. 12. What is Jerusalem to the Christians? Jerusalem is the place where Jesus lived, preached, died and was resurrected. 13. Explain the type of Jewish population that existed in Jerusalem in the 18th -19th? Sfardi Ottoman citizens with a great money and Ashkenazi- a poor minority that based on the division money 14. What was the cause for the Jews to leave the walled area of Jerusalem in the 18th -19th century? The Jews growths lead to a crowdedness in the old city. 15. what did Sir Moses Haim Montefiore in order to convince people to live in Yemin Moshe? As the area was highly dangerous at the time, poorly policed and overrun by bandits, he offered financial inducement to encourage poor families to move. 16.In the 18-19 century what cause to the European countries to be more involved in Jerusalem? (For example: they established consulates, post offices).? The Disintegrating of the Ottoman Kingdom. 17. In 1892, the entrance between Yaffo Gate to David tower had opened, in honor of: In honor of Wilhelm II , the German Caesar. 18.when did the Ottomans end their control in Jerusalem? December, 9 1917 19. Which event marked the beginning of British control in Jerusalem? When general Allenby came into the old city and got off his horse and started to walk through Yaffo gate. 20. With the establishment, of the British Mandate the status of the city, of JERUSALEM increased. Give an example of 3 institutions that were established by the British, the Jews, and the Arabs. The Jewish Agency, the Upper Arab Committee, the place of the Upper governors seat / government offices. 21. Give 3 names to Jewish and Arab neighborhoods that were established from the of the old city? Talbia, Rechavia, Beit Hakerem, Sheich Jarach 22. with the increase of stress between the British and Jewish settlers, the British established a few buttressed areas in the town. What are they? Migrash Harosim, King David hotel, Shneler base, Alenbi base. 23. According to the partition plan (1947) under whose control was Jerusalem supposed to be? International control 24. When the war of independents began, what did the Arabs do in order to get the control of Jerusalem? They blocked the way to Jerusalem, and stopped the water flow. 25. When the war of independent the began of war which neighborhoods did the Jews conquer in order to striatum control of the city? Katamon, Dir Yassin, Lifta 26. What is the BURMA rate (Derech Burma) , and what happened as a result of opening it.? During the independence war the Arabs took control of the main road to Jerusalem and nobody could enter Jerusalem. Derech Burma was paved during the war itself, and avoided the Arabs. Because of it the soldiers could enter Jerusalem with supplies. 27. At the end of the independence war Moshe Dayan & Jordans King Abdaala divided the city in two. Which parts were under Israeli control and which were under the Jordanian control? The old city, the neighborhoods that are northern than it. and the Mount of Olives were under Jordanian control. The south of the town and Har Hazofim enclave were under the Israeli control 28. Which MACHT (military brigade commander) in the six days war announced " "( The Temple Mount is in our hands)? Motta Gur 29. What is the name of the campus that the Hebrew university was enforced to move into as a result of being surrounded Arabs? Givat Ram 30. Who destroyed the second temple and in what year? Titus, 70 CE 31. What was the name of the caliph (during the Umayyad period) who commanded to expose the Kotel (the western wall) from all the trash that covered it. Omar 32. In which year was Jerusalem conquered by the Ottoman Empire? 1517 33. During Ottoman Empire period, one of the Suleimans built the Jerusalem walls as we know them today and renovated Davids stronghold (Mezudat David) Who is he? Suleiman the Magnificent. 34. During what century did the Jewish that the Jewish settlers growth in Jerusalem compare to that of the Muslim and the Christianities ? In the 18-19 century their were 7120 Jews compare with 5000 of the Muslims and 3308 Christians. 35. What caused to the violent protests in Israel in 1996? The opening of the western wall tunnels cause the Muslims to feel as if as somebody desecrated the sanctity of their temple mount. 36. What is Hebrew date for Yom Yerusalaim? " 37. Who wrote the psalm Shabechi Yerusalim? King DAVID 38. Who wrote the song yerusalim shel zahav ( Jerusalem of gold) Naomi schemer 39. What is the object: Jerusalem of gold? It is kind of a crown that Rabbi Akiva gave to his wife Rachel as a reward for encouraging him to learn Torah, It is a crown that brides used when getting married with 40.What are the Nikanor gates and why do they have this name? Nikanor, a wealthy Jew living in Jerusalem, donated them to the temple. 41 Where is the Gichon spring in Jerusalem? The city of david 42. What is the name of the mountain that the temple was built on and will be rebuild? Moria 43. What is the: via Delaroza? The way of suffering that Jesus walked on, on his way to being crucified in Jerusalem. 44. His house was in Jerusalem next to yaffo street and he modernized the new Hebrew language? Eliezer Ben Yehuda 45. In 586 BCE he destroyed the first temple Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon 46. In 1099 the crusaders conquered Jerusalem, and slaughtered in the Muslim citizens. What did happen to the Jews in Jerusalem? They put all the Jews that they caught into a shul and burned them alive. 47. What is the date that Jerusalem was declared as Israels capital city and who was the person who did it? December 5 1948 by David Ben Gurion. 48. In 1967 (the six days war) the Jordanian legion bombard Jerusalem and conquered ARMON HANATZIV, what places did the Israeli conquer and what brigades conquered? Etzion brigade captured Mutav Hapahamon and Ramat Rachel. Harel brigade captured the Harhel position, The Fifth brigade captured Givat Hatachmoshet. 49. What happened on July 30 1980 as a reaction to a law that the Israeli government decided ( that the united city of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.)? Most of the foreign embassies in Jerusalem left. 50. The first orthodox mayor of Jerusalem was: Uri Lofolianski. 51. What did prime minister Ehud Barak offer in 2000 at Camp David conference? To give part of the Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem to Arab control. 52. Which parts did Naomi Schemer add to the song Yerusalaim shel Zahav a few month after she already wrote it? And why did she make this addition? She added the last verse of the song (hazarnu el borot hamim lshuk velakikar.) after the 6 das war since we had all of Jerusalem as part of Israel, the reality changed. 53. Give the names of the different gates to the Old City [Sha'ar Haprachim - Flower Gate; Sha'ar Shchem - Nablus Gate; Hasha'ar Hechadash - New Gate; Sha'ar Yafo - Jaffa Gate; Sha'ar Harachamim - Mercy Gate (Golden Gate); Sha'ar Ha'arayot - Lions' Gate] 4 optional questions: 54. Jerusalem day marks : A. The dedication of the temple b. The day the Knesset moved to Jerusalem c. Reunification of the city after six days war 54. On Jerusalem day we: a. we blow the shofar on Mt Zion b. after special prayers c. elect the mayar of Jerusalem 55. Yerusalaim means: a. the inheritance b. two cities c. city of peace 56. Jerusalem was first acquired by: a. king David from the Jebusites b. Abraham from Melichzedek c. general Allenby from ottoman empire 57. One of Jerusalem names is: a. joy of all the earth b. the high place c. cities of the cities 58. How many Jews lived in Jerusalem in 1900? 1. 28,000 2. 10,000 3. 45,000 59. How many Jews lived in Jerusalem in 1990 1. 378,000 2. 25,000 3. 259,000 60. When did King David conquer Yevus and build a wall around it? BCE 722 BCE 1005 BCE 950 61. When did King Solomon build the first temple? BCE 1005 BCE 950 BCE 2007 62. What happened in 164 BCE? Jerusalem is conquered by King Nevuhadnezar. Herod rules Judea. Yehuda the Maccabi conquers Jerusalem and cleanses the Temple 63. Jerusalem was the capitol of the Hashmonai kingdom in 133 BCE as a result of a peace treaty with a Persian king. a peace treaty with the Greeks. a war. 64. What happened on Tisha be Av (9th of Av) in 70 AD? The Temple was destroyed More Jews came to live in Jerusalem Titus Plavius came to Jerusalem. 65.How many gates does Jerusalem have? 4 gates 6 gates 7 gates 66. Which gate is the principal entrance to the Old City? Jaffa Gate Golden Gate Dung Gate 67. Through which gate according to Jewish tradition will the Messiah enter jerusalem? Lion's Gate Golden Gate Sha'ar Hagai 68. Zion Gate is named after Mount Zion because one passes through King David's tomb. True False Both true and false 69.The road running off this gate leads to Shechem (Nablus) and then to Damascus. The Golden Gate The Lion's Gate Damascus Gate 70. Who is the mayor of Jerusalem? Uri Lupilianski 71. What is Givat Hatachmoshet? Site of the biggest battle in 6-day war 72.Where is Herzl buried? On Har Herzl 73.Where is the Armenian Quarter? In the old City 74.Who is Yemin Moshe named after? Moshe Montefiore 75.What is in the windmill? Montefiore's coach 76.What is Hechal Shlomo? Seat of the Chief Rabbinate 77.Where is the Tower of David? On the walls of Jerusalem, by Jaffa gate 78.What is Yad Vashem? Memorial to the Holocaust 79.How old is Al-Aksa? about 1360 years old 80. Which famous hotel was bombed by the Irgun in 1946? K. David 81. What is the name of the University in Jerusalem? Hebrew University 82. How many gates does the old city have? 8 83. What is the symbol of Jerusalem? A lion and olive branches 84. Name a hospital in Jerusalem. Hadassah, Sharei Zedek, Bikur Holim 85.How do you say "the kotel" in English? The western wall 86. What is name of the zoo in Jerusalem? The Biblical "Tanachi" zoo 87. What is "Ein kerem"? A neighborhood of Jerusalem 88. Who lives in Meah Shearim? mainly the ultra-orthodox 89. The Chagall windows in Har hazofim - who was Chagall? A French Jewish painter 90. What is Machane Yehuda famous for? The market 91. Who was the Teddy Stadium named after? Teddy Kollek (mayor 1965 - 1993) 92. What do you find at Malcha? A shopping mall 93. What animal was displayed in many street corners of Jerusalem last year? A lion 94. What tragedy happened in Versailles Hall? The floor collapsed in the middle of a wedding 95. What are they currently building on the roads of Jerusalem? A light railway 96. Who was Saladin? A Moslem leader at the time of the crusades 97. Who was the first Jewish king to reign in Jerusalem? David 98. Who built the first temple? Solomon 99. Who built the second temple? Herod 100. What was the Hebrew date of the destruction of both temples? 9th Av 101. Who came first - the Greeks or the Romans? The Greeks 102. What were the Crusades? European Christians come to conquer Jerusalem 1000 years ago 103. What happened to the Old City in 1948? captured by Arabs and cut off from the Jews 104. Which year was the 6-day war? 1967 105. What 3 religions consider Jerusalem a holy City? Judaism, Christianity and Islam 102. In which tribes' allocation is Jerusalem? Benjamin

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