Hotyavnut Vs Being Ones Self...

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Resource Goal

That the Chanichim will understand the importance of preserving and standing for our ideals and uniqueness as individuals and a nation, and see the connection to the “Mityavnim” –the Jews that assimilated with the Greeks.

Resource Contents

Topic: Hityavnut

Written by: Menachem Grossman

Age Group: Taf (1-3) and Aleph


Hityavnut vs. being oneself…



# Take one of the chanichim out of the room.

Show the rest three lines in different sizes. tell them that when you bring in the chanich and ask everyone to say in his turn which line is the shortest, they should say line number 3 is the shortest (when the truth is that #1 is) we are hoping that when the chanich that was out will have to say – the last- which line is the shortest, he’ll say what everyone else said.

# the mirror game: deviate the chanichim into pairs and place them in two roes facing each other. One row does different moves and the other row is the mirror and has to imitate their pairs.

Ask the imitators how did they feel. How was it not to be able to do any move of your own? How does it feel to do only what others do? 



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