Colour War (israel)

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 6-9
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
To teach chanachim the history of Israel through a human board game/quiz.

Required Props & Materials
  • Gaint (human-sized) chutes and ladders board - make yourself
  • Cards for questions

Resource Contents

We're playing chutes and ladders!!!!  split them up into a few teams, and use keys or something for peices.  When a team arrives at the top/bottom of a ladder, they answer a question.  If they get it right, they either go up the ladder, or stay at the top (depending on where they are), and if they get it wrong they either stay where they are, or go down (once again, depending on where they are).  That's it.  Try to make it last an hour.  If all else fails, and you finish the game before the hour is up.... try wax museum or something.

Here are the questions:

1)Which is further north - Chaifa or Yerushalayim?

2)Order these from north to south: negev, shomron, galil, golan, yehuda

3)What is the southernmost city in Israel?

4) In what year did Israel gain it's independance?

5)In what war did we recapture Yerushalayim?

6)What is the Hebrew word for the Bnei Akiva symbol?

7)What is the capitol of Israel?

8) What do the two lines on the Israeli flag symbolize?

9)Why do we plant trees in Israel?

10) What is the coolest Chevraya EVER?!?!?!?

15-20) Coming soon.... sponsored by Levi.  Make sure you check your email before you leave for the shabbaton, and print out both this and Levi's email.

Next, everyone goes to bed.  They wake up in the morning, daven, and head off tooo....

Shabbat morning groups!!!!!!  MUWAHAHAHAHAA!!!! 

1) Hopefully we'll get Morah Anouchi to come and tell a story!

2) Yet another color war: a) split them into 2 groups: white and blue (or any other color) b) have them come up with a team cheer, symbol, and name c) relay races d) wax museum championship e) any other game you can come up with to be competitive....


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