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Esther/Princess Peach



Vashti/Elmovoice by Avi, held by Giselle

Level 1:

Music 1- as people walk in to their spots

Narrator: King Luigi sat and dined with his men at a great feast. They partied for one hundred and eighty days, celebrating his great kingdom. But then it occurred to everyone at the party there was someone missing. The queen!! King Luigi quickly ordered his queen to come to the party.

(Luigi sitting in his palace).

Luigi: Hey Queen Elmo what comes before Part B? Part A! And youre invited!

(Elmo pops out of tube)

Daisy/Elmo: No

Luigi: I order to come to my party, you wouldnt want to embarrass the king?

Elmo: No.Stop it.

Luigi: You are banished from the kingdom FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER!

Narrator: Luigi banished Queen Elmo from the kingdom. He then held a great contest to find the next queen. King Luigi then chose the most beautiful girl to be his queen.little did he know that she was a Jew.

EVERYBODY: dittlyltlltitldlltitlyltditlyi

Level 2:

Bowser: ugh. The jews in this town are getting to be a problem for me. Something should be done about this.

Narrator: Bowser, an evil advisor of King Luigi decided he hated the jews.

Bowser: I want to kill the Jews ROARRRRRR

(Mario pops out of tube).

Mario: I wont let this happen!

EVERYBODY: DIlltitylddditlltydiltltyit

Level 3:

Narrator: Outside the castle walls two guards were having a heated discussion

(Two toads waddle to center stage)

Mason: I am so sick of the king. All day long he orders me around to do this and that for him I never get a break

David: that is so true. Yesterday he had me wash all of his clothes, and his overalls smell worse than I do.

David and Mason: Lets kill the king!!!!

(Mario pops out of tube).

Mario: I wont let this happen!

Music 2

(Level Part. Mario jumps on mushrooms): Boink! Boink!

(Mushrooms die).

Narrators: (Throw coins in air). Bravely fighting for the king, marios name was quickly written into the kings book of records.

Everybody: Dilltitdilltyidddlitltltly

Level 4:

(Yoshi reading Kermit book to Luigi)

Yoshi: and Mario saved your life

(Mario pops out of tube).

Mario: I did let this happen!

Narrator: The next day there was a big hooray for Mario who rode around on Yoshi. They dressed him in the finest clothing that the castle had. He was the hero of the day. When Bowser saw a jew riding around on the royal horse he was burning with anger and jealousy mad.. his hatred towards the jaws grew and grew.

Bowser: ROOAARRR (with fire) I cant believe my eyes. How can the king praise a Jew? Im going to kill the Jews! I will have lottery to decide a day when I shall strike. ROOOAAARRR

(Mario pops out of tube).

Mario: I cant live on a boat for more than one week! O- and I cant let boswer kill all the jews

Everybody: Dilltiylddditlltyyydiltlty

Level 5:

Then princess peach went to go see her uncle, Mario. And ask him for help.

(Mario and Peach stand together)

Peach: dear uncle, evil Bowser is preparing horrible horrible plan against all of us Jews I need your help, only you can save the day.

Mario: I cant let this happen! Peach you must fast and pray for all the Jews. We need

Hashems help to save us.


(Bowser runs in and takes Peach)

Peach: Aghhh!

Bowser: Im inside the castle!

Mario: I cant let this happen! Please Hashem save us???!!!!

Level 6:

Narrator: Evil Bowser stole princess peach and locked her in the castle. Only a daring dash from Mario could save her now!!!

Mario: Princess peach im coming. chargeeeeeeee


(Inside the castle, Mario grabs Bowsers tail and breaks it off. Bowser dies and Mario gets a star).

Everyone: Yay (Yoshi runs around). The princess and the jews are saved hoooray

Luigi: Thank-you Mario for saving the Jewsand the Princessand the day!

MUSIC play track 1 again



-Green Tube


-Back drop (Blue sky/Question mark boxes)

-Kermit Book

-Bowser fire




Mushroom Guys:

-Two white shirts

-Two blue shirts cut into vests

-Two big bowls to be made into mushroom heads.

-Black shoes

Princess Peach:

-Pink shirt

-Blonde wig


-Red shirt

-Red Hat


-Green shirt

-Green hat


-Orange shirt

-Round sled

-Orange wig


-Green shirt

-Green pants

-Red bowl

-Big brown shoes


Trivia Questions-Jordan

Whipped Cream (Find the Hershey Kisses)-Naomi

Balloon Shaving-Naava, Giselle


Sponge Toss-Mason, David

Hamentaschen Clown Throw-Avi

Color Megillahs-Ben

Face Painting-Talya?

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