Yad Achim

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Resource Goal

A fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim.

Required Props & Materials
- Yad Achim cut out in numerous ways (as mentioned in the peulah sheet)

Resource Contents

Written By: Chani and Reut

Age Group: Taf (1-3) and Aleph


Bnei Akiva Basics: Yad Achim

            Here is a fun way for us to help our chanichim/ot to think about (and maybe even learn) the words of Yad Achim.  It was written by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriah, during sukkot, 1932.  For quick reference, here are the real words:

  החולש םכל םיחא די

ביבחה רעונה

םכלכ ונילגד לע

ביבסמ ונח

הרות בכוכ םכל ריהזי

הדובעב הגוס םככרד

םשה תרזעב ץימא בלב

הלענ הלע


אביקע ינב המידק

הלעמב דדיה


תובא ץרא וז תדלומ

השודקה ונצרא

בוקעי ריבא ידימ

השרומ ונל

התרות יקמעב ונישאר

התמדא יבגרב וניפכ

םשה תרזעב ץימא בלב


…אביקע ינב המידק


Inspiring, no?

Here are some suggestions:

-Write it out twice, and cut apart the words.  Divide your chanichim/ot into two groups.  Who can assemble it in the right order the fastest?

-Write out the words, and cut it up line by line.  Also, Make up your own version with words that sound similar to the real one.  For example: Yad Prachim Lachem Shlufah... (which actually means: a hand of flowers is burning for you).  Have your chanichot/im try to assemble the right version of Yad Achim line by line.  Try it in teams, if your chanichim/ot like competition.  If your made up version is made of real words, translate the made up lines for them.

Once they have the words down, try something similar with the translation.

-If your chanichot/im are adventurous, they can stand in front of the kvutza and recite the words of Yad Achim.  If they get a word wrong, buzz them, and they have to try and figure out what the right words are.  This would also work well with teams.  Team A has to select a representative, who stands in front of the kvutza and recites the words.  If they say a word wrong, team A has 30 seconds to guess the right one.  If they don’t get it, team B can try.  If team B gets the word, it is now their turn.  If team A gets all of the first verse, team B gets to try the second.

-Play “Yad Achim tag”- like TV tag, except instead of yelling out he name of a TV show when they want to take a 30 second break, they have to yell the next line of Yad Achim. 

Things to think about :

What do the words have to do with what we know about Bnei Akiva? (i.e. Am Yisrael BeEretz Yisrael, Al Pi Torat Yisrael and Torah VeAvodah)  What do they mean?


A brotherly hand is stretched out to you

Dear youth

All of you come camp

Around our flag.

The star of Torah will protect you,

Your ways are strewn with Avodah.

With a brave heart, and the help of Hashem

You will surely ascend!


“Onward, Bnei Akiva!”

Shout when you ascend.


This birthplace is the land of our fathers

Our holy land.

From the mighty hands of Yaakov,

It is an inheritance for us.

Our minds are in the depths of the Torah,

Our hands are immersed in her soil.

With a brave heart and with the help of Hashem

You will surely ascend!


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