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# Opening- explanation of the purpose.

Why do we have asara btevet? Beyond that, why do we have to fast? On asara btevet, the Romans surrounded Jerusalem and cut off the food and water supply. No one was allowed in or out of the city. This was a terrible day in Jewish history, but why was it decided that Jews must fast today? One interpretation states that since the food supply was cut off in Jerusalem, it is only appropriate to fast. Jews around the world have agreed that today, asara btevet will not only be a day of mourning, but also a day of hope. To help commemorate this important day, the eighth grade, with the help of Chani and Reut has prepared a tekes in honor of asara btevet.

# Intro

We have already heard about the aspect of this fast day that deals with the destruction of the temple, but asara btevet is also Yom hakadish hakllali, the day that we remember those lost in the Holocaust. It was decided by the Israeli Government shortly after the State of Israel was created that asara btevet would be the day that we say Kaddish for loved ones that died during the Holocaust on unknown dates. It is fitting that these two tragedies are commemorated on the same day. The destruction of the temple led to the galut that continues until today. The Holocaust occurred partly because the Jewish people didnt have a homeland. To commemorate these tragedies, todays tekes will include skits, a torch lighting ceremony, and readings from these two time periods.

#CHURBAN lightening the Churbans candle.

This candle is lit in memory of the Jews of Jerusalem who died of starvation and thirst under the siege of the Roman Empire. May their memory be blessed.

-Pasuk about the Matzor + A short video.

# Introduction of the three parts.(Churban, Shoah, Terror).

# A short skit about the Churban.

# Rabbi Akiva and the foxes

# Part of the Tfila.

# SHOAH (holocaust)- Lightening the Shoahs candle. (A short Keta+slides).

This candle is lit in memory of the six million Jews that perished during the Holocaust. Men, women, and children were killed, slaughtered, burned, strangled, and buried alive to sanctify G-ds name. May their memory be blessed.

# Yom Kippur in the camp

When the holy day of Yom Kippur arrived in Shtuthof, all the Jews were taken out to the squre. The Jews stood in lines from dawn to late afternoon. Toward the end of the day, the Germans brought them hot meat soup with carrots and potatoes, the soup having a smell that people in the camp hadnt smelled for years. The delicious smell tempted the camp inmates, tired and cold, to a point where they could hardly stand the temptation. They encouraged one another to conquer their hunger and not give ine, to show everyone that the hunger in the camp will not defeat the holy day. There were some people whose strength had giaven who could not withstand the smell. They lowered their heads and submitted. All the others, including many who had never fasted on Yom Kippur, did not submit. They fasted, and stood on their feet until nightfall. Toward night, they stood close to each other, chantedthe Neila service, and said one to another. This year in Jerusalem, until they could speak no more.

# The last Seder skit.

# Video-Schindlers list.

# Terror against the Jewish people nowadays-lightening the terrors candle (a small Keta).

This candle is lit in memory of the fallen soldiers of Tzahal. They have given their lives for the safety of the Jewish people and for the State of Israel. May their memory be blessed.

# Newsletters headlines.

# Video of the terror attacks.

#Yoel Tzors HESPED: Yesterday morning we set out to Tel Aviv to visit our very special aunt and after we stopped in the settlement of Chasmonaim for the Mincha service, we happily continued on our way to perform the mitzvah of lighting Chanukah candles, a mitzvah which perpetuates the history of our people. Suddenly we found ourselves under fire. We were ambushed by our enemies who were lying in wait for us. Your lives were cut short and the lives of our family were torn apart. However, this is only in the short run, because we will overcome. We are strong and the family of Beit El is strong. We will support others and be supported in turn.

As a person who feels close to the sea, I feel as though I am on a boat in the open sea with waves raging around me, but I see a light from the shore. I know that we will reach the shore. We will unite the family; we will rebuild it and become strong. And to you, our children and to you the family of Beit El and to all the people who are with us and comforting us, we will be strong.

To you, Ita, to you Efraim, we have no argument with G-d. He gave you to us, we loved you. He took you, May G-ds name be blessed. G-d gave, G-d took, May his name be blessed.

# The comfort part:

-Chorban- the dry bones.

-Shoah- the happy man. I saw thousands of thousands of children in Israel. I saw a nation of children, each one getting dear G-D! Dont feel desperate because of what happened when I was in the Shoah and what happened to the 6,000,000 stronger, marry wives, build homes, and Im sure there will be great and honest children coming to Am Yisrael. Very soon there will be a big nation of Jews. A new generation will begin!

-Nowadays- a Tfila for Aretz-Yisrael.

# Conclusion. The Jewish history has been a roller coaster with soaring ups and devastating downs. One of the most devastating downs is the Shoah, or more widely known as the Holocaust. Which is partly what we commemorate today. The Holocaust consisted of 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis. One Fourth of the Jews that used to occupy Europe were killed. In the Holocaust Jewish lives were trashed away. The holocaust went on from 1933-1945 ending when Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945. This event was and still is a staggering blow to us Jews.

Another horrible event was when the Jerusalem was besieged by the King of Babylonia. Although life was almost normal during his steadfast rule we cant forget what the consequence of his rule was, the Churbon or destruction of both of our temples. When pillaging fire destroyed Hashems houses it was one the most desolate times in Jewish history. Yet we can look back to our experience and maybe grow stronger, and maybe become a stronger nation.

Although these are downs there are also ups. The land of Israel, the land metaphorically thats flowing with milk and honey, was received in 1948.

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