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Resource Goal
To teach about Yitzchaks gevura, and through him, learn individual gevura. What is Gvurah in our days?

Required Props & Materials
A paper bag filled with random items, cut-up situations (provided), yes/no cards.

Resource Contents

Theme: Giborim

Topic: Yitzchak

Written By: Josh Skarf, Leora Kesten

Goals: To teach about Yitzchaks gevura, and through him, individual gevura.

Materials: A paper bag filled with random items, cut-up situations (provided), yes/no cards.

Note: A lot of the material used for this peula is taken directly from the peula we ran on Ninth Grade Shevet Weekend, for Shevet Ami-Tzur. This should be mentioned, so that the chanichim get a sense of what a shevet name is, and how it has significance.

Game 1: Concentration

Sit the chanichim in a circle. Go around the circle and have each chanich pick a hero or superhero. Instead of using numbers, use the name of these heroes for the game of concentration. It may help to not repeat the name. (In a regular game we would say, zero, zero, one, one. In this game, perhaps simply Superman, Batman would do.)

Discussion: Ask the chanichim whether they admire the hero they picked. What makes him/her a hero?

Who do they feel is the biggest gibor in all of Tanach? Why?

Chazal chose Yitzchak as the biggest Gibor. What did Yitzchak do that made him a gibor? Hopefully someone will answer Akeidat Yitzchak.

Game 2: Paper Bag Dramatics

A bags filled with different random objects are needed. The chanichim are divided into groups. Each player picks one object from the bag. After everyone has an object, each group must make a short skit using all the objects its players have picked. The best skit wins. However, assign a specific topic to each group. Make sure there is a madrich in each group. A good idea is to assign some of the Tanach stories that were discussed in connection with the who the biggest gibor in Tanach is question. Make sure one group has to act out the Akeida. Alternatively, have the madrichim act that one out.

Discussion: In regards to the performance of Akeidat Yitzchak, who was the star? Was it Avraham or Yitzchak? Really that story is more about Avraham, and Yitzchaks role was secondary. So ask, once again, why is Yitzchak considered the biggest gibor in Tanach?

Game 3: Scruples

Cut out the Scruples cards and yes/no cards. Hand out 3 scenarios and 1 yes/no to each chanich. The objective of the game is to get rid of all of the scenario cards. (Of course the chanichim are in a circle). The round begins with the first chanich asking his/her scenario to a fellow chanich, who s/he thinks will respond the same way that his or her card reads. Example: If I was dealt a yes card then I should ask a chanich whom I think will respond yes to my scenario. If the chanich answers with a yes, then I hand in my scenario and the yes card. I am then given a new yes or no card. If the chanich answers no, then I am given a new scenario and a new yes/no card. Remember the objective is to get rid of all of your scenario cards. Alternatively, you could have each chanich act out their scenarios, and then have the chanichim voice their respective opinion what they would do and why.


A few years ago a group of tourist from Australia came to tour in Israel, and at one point they went up north to the Golan Heights. One of the tourists showed tremendous knowledge of the places they were seeing, and the battles which had been fought in the Golan. Eventually the tour guide turned to him and asked where he knew so much. He replied, I was the commander in charge of the force which conquered the Golan. Everyone was amazed, and then the tour guide asked, If so, why do you live in Australia? The commander replied, You know...there are a lot of problems with living in Israel. Its very tough to live here.

Discussion: So, having played Scruples and heard the story, why is Yitzchak such a big Gibor? Being a hero doesnt necessarily mean winning a big war, or doing something dramatic, like the Maccabim, Chashmonaim, and Lamed Hey. It is relatively easy to run into a burning building and save someone it takes five minutes and your adrenaline is pumping. But to live your whole life according to morals and torah values, not to lie, not to tell Lashon Hara that takes true gevura. Yitzchak didnt need to do anything dramatic he just continued things that Avraham had begun. In our generation, this is what we need. We dont have to go to Israel and build a country we have to keep things moving in the right direction, fighting to be proper Jews, keeping Halacha.

This is the idea of individual gevura, and applies to every one of us.

SCRUPLUS Situations

You are picking players for a basketball game. Your best friend is the worst player. Do you pick him last?

You are talking in class while your teachers back is turned. He sends another kid to the principals office. Do you confess?

You find a dollar under a kids chair. Do you ask the kid if he has lost any money?

Your parents forbid you to bet. A loudmouth kid bets $2 that he can beat you in a race. You KNOW you can win. Do you bet?

You eat cookies before supper. Your parents ask why you arent hungry. Do you tell them the reason?

You and a friend ask to join a game but there is only room for one. Do you join without your friend?

You did not do your homework since you were watching TV. Do you make up an excuse for your teacher?

You arrive very late to Snif, but still get candy. There is not enough, and another kid, who has been there the entire time, does not get any. Do you give him your candy?

Your parents are out for the evening, but they tell you when to go to sleep. Do you stay up later?

You are playing a noisy game with your friends. Your parents ask you to be quiet. Do you continue to play?

You are playing tag. A kid who is IT tags your friend, but s/he says s/he was not tagged. Do you say what you saw?

During Junior Minyan, your friend takes extra candy while the madrich is not looking. Do you take also?

A kid who you arent friends with has brought lots of candy to school. Do you pretend to be friends to get some?

A kid keeps peeking at your cards. He wont admit it. You have a chance to see his cards. Do you look to win the game?

Your team is winning a game 10-0. The other team feels lousy. Do you keep trying your hardest?

You always beat your friend at checkers. This time, you secretly let him win. He starts to brag. Do you say you let him in?

A friend asks to borrow money from you. She already owes you $1. Do you lend her more?

You go to a Bnei Akiva event, but forget to pay. No one asks you for money. Do you pay anyway?

You are accidentally given five extra Snif tickets. Do you tell your madrich?

You are going on a treasure hunt. You accidentally see them hid the treasure. Do you keep quiet to win the prize?

Some of your friends are making fun of another one of your friends. Do you participate?

Your parents tell you to stay away from a new kid in school who causes trouble. Do you listen to them?

A friend accidentally breaks a neighbors window with a baseball. He drops the bat and runs. You are caught with it. Do you tell on him?

Your mother has been sick. She needs to go to a nearby store. You are watching a good TV show. Do you offer to go for her?

Your best friend is failing in school. She asks you to cheat on a test. You know that if you do not help her, she will fail. Do you help cheat?

Two kids get into a fight in school. Your teacher asks you to leave the classroom. Do you stay to watch?

Someone phones to talk to your sister. She wants you to say she isnt home. Do you?

Two kids your size are fighting. One gives up. The other keeps hitting. Do you interfere?

A kid offers to buy a toy from you for $5. The store sells them for $3. Do you tell your friend?

Some of the kids in your class have a club. They agree to let you join, but dont let your best friend join. Do you join anyways?

A friend accidentally leaves some markers in your house. Do you return them?

Your teacher adds your test wrongly. She gives you five extra points by mistake. Do you tell her?

You know where your parents hid your birthday present. Do you peek at it?

You are sent to the principals office for behaving badly. The teacher gives you a note to give to him. Do you read it?

You leave a baseball game since the other team is being unfair. Do you leave your bat so that they can continue playing?

You ask your mother if you can go to your friends house. She says no. Do you then ask your father?

You are late for school when you notice your pet hasnt been fed yet. Do you stop to feed your pet?

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