Parshat Pinchas

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
To teach the chanachim more about Ben Adam L'Chavera and specifically teamwork.

Resource Contents

Peulah for Shabbat Parshat Pinchas

5763 Avodah

Snif IV

Written By: Jack Gottesman

With help from merav katz

The purpose of snif this week is to teach the kinderlach more about Ben Adam lchavero and specifically teamwork. Sure one or two people can make or break a team but thats not the point and we dont want them finding that out for at least two or three years. Most of it is gonna be games that they can play and the message of those games is teamwork. If the kids arent bright enough to understand the game at least make sure they understand the message.


- Have all the kids get in a group kinda like a mash pit

. Each kids holds another kids hands. The kids to different people in the group. Then they have to untangle themselves with out letting go of each others hands. They have to make a circle with out letting go of their friends hands. Its very hard for the kids and its funny for us to watch.

- If you dont understand the above game please take your complaints up with Merav for she is the one who has this idea.

- The next game is to have them make a pyramid in under two minutes. This game is pretty easy and involves whole lota teamwork.

- I dont know about the circle game but this game will for sure work. Its a shoe in.

- If the kids have no idea as to what team work has to do with anything in this game make something up because its not like theyre going to know the difference.

- Making things up is a crucial part of being a madrich(a) because you dont want kids to know youre as clueless as they are theyre not going to listen to you. They look up to you as an older figure in their lives and will listen to you because youre cooler and more good looking than they are.

- At the end of the Peulah what you need to do is explain what the message is in each one of the games. Talk to them about helping each other out and seeing every one in the group and accepting everyone and how friends dont let friends drive drunk. Tell them to be accepting even to kids who are less cool or good looking than they are.

- If all of the above has failed and the kids are wild and crazy just play Zap Zorch. Even if all of the above hasnt failed feel free to play Zap Zorch.

- Tell the kids you really enjoyed seeing them each week and hanging out with them and you will miss them. This mite be one of those times when the whole they dont know if youre lying or telling the truth factor comes in so try to make it sound honest. Tell them to have a good school year and a fun rest of the summer.

- Remind them about things we learned in previous weeks like peer pressure and not to do drugs. If you remember anything else we were supposed to teach them tell them that too.

- Israel is good. Really good. We love the Israel.


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