A Story Of Two Brothers - סיפור על שני אחים

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ללמד על אהבת חינם

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A story of two brothers



Once there were two brothers. The older brother was married and had a wife and many children. The younger brother lived alone in his house. The two brothers shared a field of crops. Every day they came to their field and worked from morning to night. At the end of each day they divided the wheat between the two of them and each brother went to his home. One night the younger brother couldn't sleep. He thought to himself: "I live alone, I have only myself to feed, and my older brother has 6 little children and a wife to take care of. How could I be so selfish as to divide the wheat evenly between us? It is not fare. My brother should get more food then me." And so he got up from his bed, went quietly to his barn and brought some of his grain to his older brother. Satisfied of his good deed he went to sleep. An hour later the older brother woke up and said: "what kind of brother am I? I have a family that can help take care of me when I grow old, they will help me in the field. My brother has no one to help him. How can I take as much grain as he does? He needs it a lot more than I do. I will go to my barn and give him from my grain." And so he did. In the morning the two brothers woke up and found there crops to be equal. Amazed, they continued working and did not say anything. Night came again and each brother went to his home. Again the younger brother could not sleep and again he took some of his grain and put it on his brother's side. Again the older brother awoke and did the exact same thing. In the morning they both came to the field and found the crops as before and again they said nothing.

That night both brothers awoke at the same time. Each went to his barn and took a bundle of crops and started to walk towards his brother's barn as before, only this time they accidentally met in the middle of the way. When they finally understood what has happened they ran into each others arms and cried with joy for they now knew how great their friendship is.

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