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Have the chanichim arrange themselves in a Chet (the Hebrew letter) and stand in the opening. Explain to them the commands you are giving.

Hamifkad na yaavor lnoach, amod noach means they should stand with their feet shoulder length apart, and their hands behind their back.

Hamifkad na yaavor ldom, amod dom means they should stand with feet together, and their hands at their sides.

Lshirat Himnon HaTnua, Yad Achim, Hamifkad na yaavor ldom, amod dom means we are going to sing the anthem of our Movement, Yad Achim.

Lshirat Himnon HaMedina, Hatikva, Hamifkad na yaavor ldom, amod dom means we are going to sing the anthem of our State, Hatikva.

Livrachot, Imdu Dom means stand at attention for our Brachot:

Mi Anachnu? Bnei Akiva Who are we? Bnei Akiva

Me Chayeinu? Torah VAvodah What is our life? Torah and work (Tell them we will explain this is a later snif).

Uma Sismateinu? Am Yisrael BEretz Yisrael Al Pi Torat Yisrael What is our motto? The nation of Israel in the land of Israel according to the Torah of Israel.

Hashem Imachem Yivarechecha Hashem. A greeting found in tanach in two places, meaning Hashem is with you, with the response of May Hashem bless you.

Pturim means dismissed.

Mifkad is a great time to do something fun with the kids and be creative. Its also the perfect time to summarize the things youve learnt that day. In addition, you can tell them that todays snif had some simple games that they probably already knew, but that in snifim to come, the games will be more exciting and creative. Perhaps it is a good idea to teach them one line of Yad Achim each week, by translating it and discussing it a bit with them.

Some things to remember in this, your first snif:

-It is crucial to always read the snif packets ahead of time.

-Never read stories right from the sheet. Instead, retell them in your own words. Its always more boring to here a story being read, as opposed to a story being told.

Be on time, waiting for the kids. Set up some chairs in a circle so that the kids know exactly where to sit.

-Get the feel for the room youre in. If youre working in a small room indoors, the dynamics of the area will be much different from a snif run outside. Learn to use your area.

-If you see a kid acting up or getting wild, give them a special job. Have them help you explain the next game, make them feel special, etc.

-Giving out candy often ensures that things will go well. Its always good to have food.

-Dress in Blue and White

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