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How to start Shuk-Purim???

* First of all, dont panic!

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How to start Shuk-Purim???

* First of all, dont panic!

* You need to choose a subject!

If you choose a certain subject, you need to decorate all of the rooms according to the subject.

* You need to find a place with 3-4 rooms.

One room will be the room of the prizes, and one room will be for the food, and the drinks. The other rooms/space can be used for the carnival.

  • The prize room: Every time a chanich wins a prize, they get a piece of paper with a number on it. That number corresponds to a prize in the prize room- they have to go into the prize room and claim their prize.

  • Room of food: Bake cakes, cookies, (each Madrich can bake, some cake, or cookies at home.) or get a local bakery/grocery store to donate them. Buy candies, and sweets. You can buy ice cream, and put in cups and sell it.

Sell pizza, popcorn- hamantaschen- anything!

Dont forget to sell drinks.

  • The big Hagrala: You can sell raffle tickets, and at the end of the Shuk-Purim you can have a raffle. (Try and get really cool prizes donated!!).

  • How to participate in the stalls

Each one that comes to the Shuk-Purim, should buy tickets (you will need a ticket stand). If he wants to play at 4-5 stalls, he will need to buy the tickets ahead of time. Those tickets should be cheap, and you can sell them in a special price packages. Like: Buy 3 tickets for 50 cent and get the 4th ticket- free. Dont forget to decide for a price for a single ticket.

  • The money: Once youve covered the cost of putting together the carnival, decide if the leftover money is going to Tzedaka, or going to the snif.

  • Music: Dont forget to put music in the air, during the Shuk-Purim. If there is a local band, or kdis who play, have them perform!

  • Decoration: Dont forget to decorate your Sniff, or the place you are doing your Shuk-Purim.

Other stuff The Madrichim, of course, are the people in charge, in the whole Shuk-Purim, because of that, after you decide what the subject of your Shuk-Purim is, you should divide the Madrichim into teams to work on the different aspects of the shuk.

Here, are some ideas, for the subject of your Shuk-Purim:

The movies Shuk-Purim!

  • Snow White

You need a bowl, with water and 2 apples. The chanich, should eat the apples without his hands. (Just to remind you, Snow-White, had to eat the apple from the witch. If you have other thoughts from the movie, you can make a game from it. ) .

  • Robin-Hood

You need a bow and an arrow. Like Robin-Hood, the kid has to aim and hit a target. If he hits it, he wins a prize.

  • Cinderella

You will need to have balloons, a razor, and shaving cream. This stand is a contest between two kids.

Put some shaving cream on the balloons, and each kid, should shave his balloon. The first kid, that shaved the whole balloon, wins.

  • The Little Mermaid

You need a big bowl with water, and you need to create fishes, some paper that can float. Put paperclips on the fish. Take a stick, and tie a string with a magnet on to it to create a fishing rod. The kid has to collect all the fish, or a certain number of fish, to win.

  • Hercules

This game can be very hard physical challenge, or obstacle course. Or choose someone from your Snif, that is really strong, and have an arm wrestling match.

  • Alice in Wonderland

Draw 20- foot steps on paper, and stick them in order, on the floor. Take a big mirror, and the kid, has to go without looking backwards, with the mirror, from 0-20, or from 20-0.

It is a little bit difficult, but it is fun!

  • The Sound of Music

Choose some songs, and each kid that comes to play here, has to recognize, the name of the song, and the singer, only from hearing the five-seconds of the song.

* You can put, also drawing stands, or coloring faces stand.

* The Madrichim can dress-up, according to the subject of the Shuk-Purim.

The Eretz-Israel Shuk-Purim!

This Shuk-Purim, is about places in Israel. You can change the games, or put more places, if you have more ideas, of course.

Each game should be timed, also here, according to the decision of the pairs.

  • Eilat-

Find the sun shine Draw a sunshine (or something else that reminds you of Eilat). You need to hide it, somewhere, and the kid has to find it according to your Cold, and Hot directions.

  • Beer-Sheva-

You should two pictures that would look the same, but they really have 7- differences between them. The kid has to find the 7 differences.

  • Tel-Aviv-

Put some candies or nice prizes on the wall. The kid needs to throw a ball, and to hit one of the objects. The object he hits- he wins.

You can also play basketball, but with a basket on the floor.

You can also play a game that the kid has to throw the ball into a hole of a clown face.

  • Yerushalayim-

Take a big paper, and write alot of words in English or in Hebrew. Between those words, write as much as you want the word- Yerushalayim, in Hebrew. The kid has to find as many Yerushalayim words as he can.

  • Chermon- The snow mountain-

To create a snow-man-

This is a contest between 4 people, two pairs. Each kid has to cover his partner with toilet paper, from top to bottom. The first kid that covers his partner first, wins.

Or- You can hide two candies in a big bowl with flour and two chanichim have to compete against each other to find them without using their hands.

  • Yam-Kineret-

You can do the exactly same game as in The Little Mermaid, from the Movies Shuk-Purim.

  • The Dead-Sea-

Put two cups, and a straw. One cup will be with water, and if you want the feeling of the Dead-sea, put some salt in it. The kid has to move the water from the first cup to the other, with his straw, until its empty, and without dropping even one drop. Make it a contest between two kids.


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