Parshat Vayetze

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Resource Goal
To teach the chanachim about parshat Vayetze

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  • Card for Quiz Q's

Resource Contents

Parsha questions Parashat Vayetze

Couple of notes:

ú Snif is at . Mifkad will be NO LATER.

ú Were going to have half an hour for the peula; well get back together in the downstairs hall for shira/parasha questions/snack at .

ú If you think you wont get to it, do the parsha questions first we dont want kids at a disadvantage complaining.

ú Sing with your kids! You get points for it!

And now The Parasha Facts (remember, any way to teach these is good):

ú Yaakov left Beer Sheva and went to Charan.

ú He stopped at Bet-El, and had a dream of a ladder going up to heaven, and angels going up and down that ladder.

ú Yaakov pulls the seal off the public well by himself when he sees the Beauty of Rachel

ú Lavan gives Yaakov his oldest daughter, Leah to marry first, and then, upon Yaakovs complaint of deceit, he gives him Rachel the same week.

ú Yaakov has to work 7 years to get Leah, and then works another 7 to pay off for Rachel.

ú Rachel couldnt bare children in the beginning, but towards the end she had Yosef

ú Yaakov put a special stick in trough of the sheep so that after they came to drink they would have sheep who werent white; he could get the non-white sheep, and Lavan took the white sheep.

ú Yaakov, his wives, his kids, and all his belongings run away from Lavan because they were afraid Lavan would never let them leave.

ú Rachel stole Lavans idles and hid them in her pillows on the camel she sat on them while Lavan searched the tent and thats how he couldnt find them.

ú Lavan and Yaakov make a treaty Brit that they shouldnt pass into each others territory in the future; the sign/monument: a hill of stones, Gal-Ed.

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