Parshat Korach

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Resource Goal
To teach the chanachim about peer pressure and how not to succumb.

Resource Contents

Peulah for Shabbat Parashat Korach

Written By: Jack Gottesman

The point of this Peulah is to teach the children about peer pressure, not because it has anything to do with the parsha necessarily.You should talk about peer pressure while at the same time stressing the importance of Israel and other things that we talked about at that they made us attend. If you dont know how to just make something up the kids will have no idea.


- Teach them what peer pressure is, how it can be positive and negative. Stress the negative because thats all that anybody pays attention to anyways.

- Give the kids an example of peer pressure that they can relate to. Sure you can do what happens when your friends tell you to ditch a Peulah but it would be much more fun to take a scene out of the hit motion picture Billy Madison.

- The scene is when Billy and his third grade friends find themselves on a field trip at a farm. Billys friend Ernie seemed to have an accident in his pants and he was ashamed because hes a big kid and big kids dont usually urinate their pants. Billy, being the older one went over to the fountain and put water on his own pants and told everybody that its cool to pee their pants. Then all the other kids saw that Ernie also peed his pants and the kids all peed their pants as well.

- Hopefully the madrichim assigned to a group will have seen the movie, if not then for sure one of them will have seen it. If not just stop snif where you are and go be ashamed of your self in a corner somewhere.

- While on the subject of peer pressure talk about drugs and how they are bad for you and how drugs are not tolerated in machaneh.

- When they talked about going backdoor at the snif meeting I didnt really understand what the heck they were talking about. So my own interpretation is that you shouldnt put the idea of snif right in their face. When someone goes through the backdoor into a house, clearly they dont want anybody in the front to see them. Therefore they sneak into where ever they are going, sneak the idea into their minds with out shoving it down their throats. Go backdoor in the peulah.

- One thing you dont want to do is over do something because as funny as it is it gets boring after a while; therefore dont talk about the peer pressure thing too much. So when you see that the kids know enough about peer pressure move on to something else. My suggestion is Zap Zorch. It has never happened in all of my life that Zap Zorch has been over played.

- Of course I pee my pants everybody my age pees their pants its the coolest Adam Sandler in Billy Madison

- Teach them not to be mean to their friends when they get out, not to make fun of them too much. While on the subject of getting out and it happens to every one mention something about Eitan losing this past week.

- Remind them that its cool to pee your pants.

- If you understood the game we learned at the snif meeting you can play that too but its a little but confusing and these kids might not get it.

- Say something nice about Israel. Tell them to visit or move or give money.

- Use your own judgment as to what you should do on the game sheet we got at the snif meeting.

Shabbat Shalom

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