Peula - Yom Kippur

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Resource Goal
Teach the chanachim about teshuva and non-jew's views towards such a thing.

Resource Contents

All the "chanichim standing in a circle, facing the wall. The madrich/a will pat a "chanich/a head and he/she has to start talking to the wall and convince the wall why should it marry him/her (I love you, I smart , I pretty etc.). The madrich/a will pat more and more chanichim till all the chanichim will talk to the wall, all at once. The madrich/a will ask them to stop and sit down.

Now, she /he will introduce him/herself as an alien coming from outer space and say: I just came to earth, and saw a very strange ------ bunch of people which I heard call themselves something like je- jo -jews maybe?! And they standing in front of a huge old wall and talking, and crying and moving in a strange way toward it. Do you have any idea what they were doing? The madrich/a will ask the chanichim how did they feel when they talked to the wall before. What is the difference between their conversation to the wall, and the Jews dawning near the Kotel ( if you didnt get it yet. The wall which the alien was referring to was the Kotel).

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