Israel Happening - הפנינג ישראל

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Age: 10-15
Group Size: 30-50
Estimated Time: 120 minutes

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Resource Goal

learning about Israel in interesting and fun way!

Required Props & Materials

prepering the stations in advance

Resource Contents


Israel Happening

1. Passports: 15 Min. – Each student will fill his personal details and will draw himself in the passport that he will get. In each station he needs to get a stamp.

2. Jerusalem – In this station each group will get a picture of a site in Jerusalem and will build a model of it from papers, rolls, boxes etc'.

3. Machtesh Ramon (The crater) – In this station the students will fill bottels with sand in different colors.

4. Kibbutz in the Negev. In this station the students will plant real trees at the area and/or will plant a plant in a ceramic pot.

5. Be'er Sheva – In this station the students will make a pita bread and will drink a Bedduin tea.

6. Eilat – In this station the students will participate in wet sports and diving to find river stones or will find river stones in a big pot full of water.

7. Galil – This station is devided into three sites:

                                Mt. Hermon – The students will make ice cream mountain and will decorate it.

                                Golan – The students will make wine by smashing grapes with bare foot and will play bobbing for apples

        Movil Artzi – The students will take one cup of water and will run with it to all stations. They will get a stamp in each station and will bring it back full.           


8. The Dead Sea – As part of the archeology in Judeah  Desert the students will dig and look for parts of clay pot and will glue them. They will cover themselves with mud and they will play limbo – "How low can you get".


9. Tel-Aviv – The students will make decorations for a big disco party and will make signs for famous resteraunts in Tel-Aviv.At the end they will have A pita bread with Falaffel, Israeli salad and tahini.


10. Discothe'que – We will have a big Israeli Disco party at the end of the stations.


Enjoy, Have fun and make your group excited about Israel.







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