35 Heroes In A War - ל"ה גיבורים

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Resource Goal
Goal: The chanichim will learn about the lamed hei and deal with problematic situations in a war.

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35 heroes in a war

 Goal: The chanichim will learn about the lamed hei and deal with problematic situations in a war.

Steps: 1.game: prepare a board with a long snake of squares. on some of them place a question mark. when the group falls on a question mark she gets a dilemma card. The group has to answer what she would do in that situation and the madrich should develop a short disscussion. After the discussion, read a short part of the story and emphasizethe way the 35 chose to deal with these dilemmas. Madrich: you must read the story and question before you begin! Things to prepare: 1.board + dice. dilemma cards

Dilemma no.1: The time: the war of independence,1948 There is a small group of 4 yeshuvim in Gush Etzion that needs an urgent help in their battle. the people are begging for help but the chances of these yeshuvim to survive are very small. the whole country is burning and the way to Gush Etzion is very risky. You are the Jerusalem commander of Tzahal ,you must make a dicition: send a group of soldiers to Gush etzion or send them to other places that needs help and the risk would be smaller. What would you do?

 Dilemma no.2: the walk would be approximately twenty kilometers (twelve miles). You were all carrying heavy packs on their backs, which included first-aid kits and bottles of blood plasma for transfusions, as well as weapons and ammunition for the embattled Gush Etzion you were forced to proceed very slowly in the terraced terrain of the Juean mountains. The night is over and soon the sun will come out. you may be seen and killed but,you already walked most of the way.you are dani mass,the commander.what will you decide: keep on moving or going back to Jerusalem and try again tommorow (your soldiers will be very frustrated and tired)

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