Am I Doing Enough - האם אני עושה מספיק?

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Age: 8-12
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Resource Goal

To get the Chanichim thinking about the ways people help Israel. Maybe find ways for them to help even more then they do today.

Required Props & Materials
Cut up paper, prepare cards(read below)

Resource Contents

Start with raising a question- “When we give Tzdakah? , Where do we give it too? “ Answers that will come up: poor people, Organizations, Israel….

Why do we support Israel? Is it a poor country?

Maybe…. But it is more then that.

It is because we have a connection.


Each chanich gets 20 small pieces of paper. On the floor there will be, lined up, cards that have on them examples of things that can be done for Israel.

Each chanich has to decide what is important to him and according to that he should divide up his pieces of paper. The Chanichim should place the pieces above the cards to form a diagram. Everyone should take a look at the diagram and think why it looks like that. Are there more things that can be done?

Examples for cards:

- I don't do anything special for Israel.

- I want to do more but I don't know what.

- I give Tzdaka everyday for Israel.

- I pray in the Tfila for Israel.

- I send letters to Israeli soldiers/ kids /people.

- I visit Israel at least once a year.

- When I go to Israel I volunteer there.

- I try to buy a lot of stuff that is made in Israel- food, cloths, cd’s

Now that we have in front of us a diagram of the ways we give to Israel we can look and try to see how we can improve and increase our giving and caring for Israel.

Every person can find a different way to strengthen their connection to Israel. Here are a few examples that show what people did and still do to help Israel:

Read the story of the soldier that made Aliya- Volunteered in the army and then gave his life to save others.

By telling this story we are not trying to say that everyone should give up their life for Israel, but it can give us some proportions about the things that can be done for Israel.

Read an article about a big sum of money sent to a place that helped the place renew itself and do more for the patients.

Read a letter from a family on a kibuts that appreciates the work of a volunteer that came from the states to their kibuts to help.

Read thank you notes from kids that received letters and presents that were sent to them from kids in the states saying how they appreciate that.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to help Israel:

Collect food products to send to poor people in Israel.

Try to follow the news so that you can always know what's going on in Israel.















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