Green Man (comic)

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Resource Goal
Teach chanachim about diversity and toleration, maybe even the jewish people beng scattered across the world

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Written by: Frydman


Once upon a time in a green town

Lived a green man

The green man was living in a green house with a green door and green windows

He had a green wife and two little green kids

At night the green man slept on his green bed and dreamed green-green dreams

One day the green man woke up to a lovely green morning.

He put on his green shoes; he wore his green shirt and pants and on his head he put his green hat.

He got into his green car and drove on the green road (…).

On one side he saw the big green sea

And on the other side there were lots of green flowers.

It was a beautiful day and the green man was singing happily green songs,

While smoking a green cigar with a green smoke.

Suddenly the green man noticed that on the road there was a blue man

He stopped the car and asked the blue man

“Hey, blue man, what are you doing here?”

“Me?” said the blue man, “I’m from another story.”                   


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