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Breishit perek lamed.


Rachel gave Leah the signs, because she had mercy on Leah (because she was to marry eisav).The rabbis said: Rivka had 2 sons, and Lavan had 2 daughters. The older son was to marry the older daughter, and the younger son was to marry the younger daughter. Therefore, Leah cried until her eyes were soft, because she was sure her lot was to marry Eisav.

When Rachel saw that Yacov was going to marry Leah (instead of her), she also had to be afraid, because she also may have had to marry Eisav instead! However, she still nullified herself, and even was willing to give away her olam haba, and gave Leah the signs, so that she would not be embarrassed.

Hashem remembered this that Rachel gave Leah the signs. When Yacov saw the great thing that Rachel did, he loved her even more.

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Talmud bavli, masechet megilah, daf 13.

As a reward for the Tzniut that Rachel displayed, she merited that Shaul hamelech will come from her. Because of Shauls tzniut, he merited having Esther as a descendant.

What was the tzniut that Rachel displayed?

Rachel was so modest that Yacov did not know the difference between Rachel and Leah (he couldnt differentiate between their different features). Because of this, she merited to have shaul as a descendant. Rav Aviner adds that just like Rachel was buried on the way and not in the final destination, the kingship that came from her was not the final kingship (it was malchut ben yosef). The final kingship will come from malchut ben david (from Leah) which will come in the geula.

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And Rachel saw that she didnt give birth and Rachel was jealous of her sister.

Rabi Yitzchak said, it says (in mishlei) your heart should not be involved in jealousy, only in the fear of heaven the whole day.

So how can it be that Rachel was jealous of her sister?

Rather, she was jealous of her good deeds, she said, Leah must be a righteous woman since she merited to have many children.


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And Yacov loved Rachel, and he said, I will work for you for 7 years, for Rachel your young daughter.

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ou website

11 Cheshvan - Rachel Imeinu Passes Away

On the eleventh of Cheshvan, while giving birth to her 2nd son, Binyamin, Rachel, the beloved wife of Ya'akov, died, and was buried on the road to Bethlehem.

The site of her burial in
Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem, known to us by tradition, is covered by a stone edifice.
For millennia, Jews have come to this site to pour forth their hearts in prayer, and to awaken her merit in any time of travail, for the community as well as for the individual.

Our mother Rachel was not buried in the tile
cave of Machpelah in Hevron together with the other Matriarchs and Patriarchs of our people. Instead, she was buried on the road to Jerusalem, exactly where she died, while coming back to Jerusalem from the House of Lavan with Ya'akov.

Why did our Father Ya'akov bury Rachel on the road in

According to Rabbi Eliyahu Ki Tov's Book of Our Heritage, Ya'akov saw prophetically that in the future, Jewish exiles would pass by on that road and she might seek mercy for them.

When Nebuzaradan exiled the Jews from Israel, and they in fact passed her grave, Rachel emerged to weep and to ask for mercy in their behalf, (Yirmeyahu 3l): "Thus did the Lord say, a voice is heard on high, lamentation and hitter weeping, Rachel weeps for her children, she refuses to be consoled for her children, for they are not." And God in fact answers: "Thus did the Lord say, refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for there is reward for your labor, said the Lord, and the children shall return to their boundary" (Rashi Va'yechi, and Midrashim quoted by Radak, Yirmeyahu 31).

From the time when the People of Israel went into their first exile until Yirmeyahu's prophecy of redemption ('and the children shall return to their boundary'), the grave of our mother Rachel has always been and will always remain a House of Prayer to Israel, for she is a mother to all Israel, and always awakens mercy in their behalf.

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And Hashem remembered Rachel. What did He remember? He remembered that she was quiet regarding her sister. At the time when they gave Yacov Leah, she knew but she was quiet, and therefore Hashem remembered rachel.

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