From 1948 To 1967! - - 1948 1967

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Resource Goal
That the Chanichim will understand the difference and the importance of the new lines after the six day war (compare to 1948) and that it is still important today

Required Props & Materials
map from 1948, rope (long string)

Resource Contents


# Divide the Chanichim into two groups, give each group a map from 1948 and a rope. Make a contest between the groups when the goal is to show (with the rope) the shortest way to get from Dead Sea to Kineret - they can go only through the Israeli part.

# Tell them that in the six-day war that was in 1967, Tzahal took back the control on Sinai, the Golan, the Shomron and all Yerushalaim. Now we want to see what the advantages that we have in controlling those parts.

So first of all now we can see that the way from the Dead Sea to the Kineret became much shorter than before.

# Now we want to show how having this land helps the defense issue.

For proving this we are going to play two games-

@Tell to one of the Chanichim to sit on the floor and to close his eyes. Put something in a high place and tell him to open his eyes. Now without getting up he has to find the thing that you hid. Check how long it takes. Now choose another Chanich and do the same thing but let him get up-now check how long did it take (it's supposed to be much faster.)

Ask the Chanichim who knows what's special in the Golan? The answer is that the Golan is the highest point in the whole area and thats why we can see what is going on in Sirya and save our country safer by being stronger and smarter as an army. Like it was easier to do things in the games while you higher it is also much safer and easier to defend an area while you higher.

# This idea of the next part is to show the Chanichim how it was important for us to win back Yerushalaim.

Tell the Chanichim a story about a kid named Yossi who lived in Jerusalem. Yossi had a birthday and the only thing that he wanted for his present was one special thing that he dreamt about for a long time- a basketball. After nudging his parents for a long long time finally his wish came true he got a basketball for his birthday. Since his birthday Yossi went every afternoon after school to play with his new basketball with his friends.

One day Yossi as usual took his ball met his friends and had a lot of fun. Suddenly one of the kids threw the ball and hit it by mistake into the neighbors house.

@On this point you can stop the story and ask the Chanichim- what you would do in such a situation? (Probably theyll say-Go to the neighbor and ask to get the ball back).

Well Yossi couldnt do this and you know why? Because between his house and the neighbors house was a line, this line divided Yerushalaim to an Israeli part and Jordans part (show them the map of Yerushalaim.) and no one was allowed to pass this line, so Yossi couldnt get his ball back.

Ask them if they can look on the map and find one very important thing that was in the Jordans part? The Kotel!

In 1948 we got an Israeli country, and even part of Yerushalaim but we didnt have the holiest place for Am-Yisrael-the Kotel. In 1967, the six-day war-we got the Kotel back, after 2000 years that we didnt have a control on the holiest place to Am-Yisrael.

So lets see what we have since 1967-

@ We control more places in Israel (so we can move from place to place in Israel).

@ We can defense our country much better (The Golan, we control more places.)

@ After 2000 we finally have the Kotel!

And this is the reasonable explanation for why we cant give up on any of those places today-or ever.

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