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Resource Type: Play / skit in: English
Age: 8-13
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
Teach the chanachim the story of Yaakovs dream and how Hashem promised us the land of Israel as our homeland.

Required Props & Materials
  • Yaakov costume
  • Sack
  • Rocks
  • Ladder (with angels on it + G-D + sign saying "Shamayim")
  • Oil

Resource Contents

Kollel Play mini Shabbaton

Announcer: welcome to the Kollel Show! We hope you will enjoy the play.

Yaakov: (walking with a sack on his back. The sun is going down so Yaakov looks towards the sun)

I see the sun going down, I gotta look for a place to sleep. Where shall I sleep? Does any body have an idea? (turns to the audience)

(Takes rocks from the ground and organizes them in an arrow shape)

Ill place these stones in an arrow shape, facing my travel direction, so I dont forget where I am going.

(Places the stones and lies down)

Announcer: Do you want to know what Yaakov is dreaming about?
Does anybody want to guess?

O.K., lets go into his dream and see whats going on there

Bring in ladder. On ladder are God and the angels. At top of ladder there is a sign: )

Yaakov: (Sleeping, snoring)

Hashem: Yaakov!

Yaakov: Hu? What? ZZZZ

Hashem: Youre snoring, stop it!

Yaakov: Why? Who are you?

Hashem: I am Hashem, the God of your fathers Avraham and Yitzchak.

Yaakov: You cant be serious What, really?

Hashem: Yes, I am! By the way, I am your God too.

Yaakov: No way are you sure?

Hashem: yup. Now, may I say a few words?

Yaakov: Sure. Do you mind if I snore? Im kinda sleep right know, and I LOVE to snore while sleeping

Hashem: No, you may not snore!

Yaakov: O.K. then, whats on your mind?

Hashem: so, as I mentioned, I am the God of your fathers Avraham abd Yitzchak. The land that you are resting upon shall be yours and your children forever and ever!

Yaakov: What? Thats it? Only this small peace of land that I am sleeping on?

Hashem: NO! Let me finish what I have to say, you will understand.

You and your decedents which will be numerous (many many), like the sand of the land will inherit everything!

(Showing an arrow with directions)

In the west

Yaakov: What?! Your gonna throw me and my kids into the Mediterranean sea?

Hashem: You think I would do that? Listen up, let me finish.

You will also get:

the East (show arrow),

the North (show arrow),

and the South (show arrow).

Yaakov: That already sounds bettergetting everything is good.

Well, is there anything else I get from you?

Hashem: Of course! After all, I am your God

Announcer: What else did Yaakov get?

Hashem: I will be with you along your journey, and I will return you to your homeland. I will guard you I will be your bodyguard (show pistol) see, Ive got a gun! I will not leave you (ties Himself to Yaakov)

Yaakov: thanks a lot, Hashem!

(Continues to sleep and snore)

Remove ladder, Hashem, angels and replace stones.

Yaakov: (wakes up)

The place I slept on is really a holy place!

This is , the gate of the skies! (show sign: )

This is really a , the house of God! (show sign: )

I didnt know that

Announcer: Who knows what Yaakov will do next?

Yaakov: (takes the stone)

Hey, whats happening here? When I went to sleep, there were many stones, and now there is only one? They must have fought among themselves, each stone wanting me to rest my head on it, so Hashem must have joined them into one stone!

(Places the stone, takes oil, pours on the stone)

From now on, this place will be names Beit El, the house of God. (Replace sign: Luz).

If Hashem will indeed keep his word to be with me, to help me and return me to my homeland, if he gives me clothing and food then he shall definitely be my God!

And this place will be a , a house of God, and I will give , offerings to Got from anything he gives me.

Bow down, leave.


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