Yom Yerushalaim- Charachter Peula - יום ירושלים- פעולת דמויות

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 10-14
Group Size: 10-40
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Resource Goal


Required Props & Materials

Sources sheets-

Avraham, Bar Kochva, King David & R Yehuda Ha'Levi

Resource Contents

Part 1 – opening

  • Ask the chanichim what they know about Abraham/King David/Bar Kochva / R’ Yehuda Halevi.

  • Do they know at what time in the Jewish history they lived?

  • Do they know what they did for the Jewish nation?

For nevatim-1967

  • When did Yerushalaim reunified?

  • What do you know about this?

    Now fill all the missing details and tell their life story / history.

    Part 2 – learning from the “Mekorot”

    Note – best to make copies as the number of the chanichim.


    Read the paragraph

    • Does Avraham Knows where he is going?

    • Can you guess why Hashen chose that place?

      King David

      Read the paragraph

      • Why it was so important for King David to move the capital to Yerushalaim?

      • What did it change for the Jewish people?

      • What is the meaning of Jerusalem for the Jewish nation?

        Bar Kochva

        Read the paragraph

        • What was so special/unique in what Bar Kochva dare to do?

        • What is the significant of that?

        • When, after that in the Jewish history, we find the Jews fighting for Jewish independent?

        R’ Yehuda Halevi

        Read one of his song

        • What is the song all about?

        • What R’ Yehuda represent in the Jewish history? What aspect?

        • What we can say about as, as a nation, that kept those song and familiar with them during all these years from the 12c. ?


          Read the source (attachment)

          • What is the meaning of Yerushalaim for the Jewish people?

          • Is it just a religious meaning or is it something more?

          • What is the meaning of united Yerushalaim for the Jewish nation? Why is it so important even today?

          Source for Nevatim –

          Soldiers of Israel, beloved members of our nation, pillars of strength, may God be with you brave soldiers… today you have fulfilled the oath of generations "If I forget you Jerusalem, let my right hand lose it's strength"

          Your right hand, the right hand of God enabled this historic phase of our redemption. 

          The divine presence, which has never left the Kotel, will now treat before the people of Israel. May God be blessed that we have been privileged to reach this exceptional and exalted time in the history of the nation.

          Rav Shlomo Goren, sheaf R’ of the IDF then (after the liberation 1967)






Resource Comments

This peula has a first part call- "opening activity for yom yerushalaim"

and a third part call- "yom yerushalaim the play"

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