Who Were The Ma'apilim?

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 5-30
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
Teach the kids about the Ma'apilim and their role in history and establishing Eretz Yisrael

Resource Contents

Who were the Maapilim?

Written By: Jack Gottesman; Cleveland

Noshe: Maapilim- They are the people who came to Eretz Yisrael on ships before the state of Israel was established. They came illegally in to the land of Israel. The purpose is to teach the little ones who these people were and what they did.


- First play a game with the kids to get to know the kids and to let them understand that you are in charge of them until the end of Sniff.

- Before sniff divide parts of the story between Madrichim. This is so the kids dont have to hear one persons boring voice the whole entire time. Then read the story as if you meant it and understand it.

- Afterwards say it in your own words, sum it up a little so they will understand it in simpler terms. Some of them are not that bright.

- Afterwards play Zap Zorch or the other ridiculous game that we learned at the sniff meeting. We strongly encourage you to play Zap Zorch with them. If you do end up playing the ridiculous game that we learned at the meeting your fellow Avodah members will look you down upon.

- If you or the children are wondering how Zap Zorch has anything to do with the maapilim just tell them that they had to try to do what they had to do with out getting caught. They have to look out for tricks like land mines. In Zap Zorch you have to look out for tricks like Mifugalianos and even a Zorch can be kind of tricky.

- The folks at Bnei Akiva strongly stress the fact that they want you to deliver one message and one message only, that message is to teach them what maapilim are and what they did and how it helped Israel. Tell them that the current land of Israel probably couldnt exist or function as well with out the help of the maapilim 50 something years ago.

- Play Zap Zorch as much as possible and make sure the kids like you and have a good time with you.

Shabbat Shalom

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